"Spread love wherever you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier."

- Mother Teresa

These are just some of the events we take pride in. One of the facilities we support told us, "Please understand that the success of our program and of the youth we serve is partly due to opportunities we provide to them through the generous donations by FOFC."

Sugar Plum Trees

Starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, FOFC sets up Christmas trees in the Westfield Santa Anita mall in Arcadia. These trees are filled with Christmas wishes from over 400 individual foster children and 10 residential treatment centers. Each child will receive at least one of the gifts they request. Many children comment that this is the first time in their life they have received a new Christmas gift they have wished for. It is heart warming to see the generosity people have for children they have never met. This is truly the magic of Christmas!

Can't make it to the mall? Want to share Sugar Plum with someone outside the LA area? In addition to our Sugar Plum Trees, we are now going digital! Use the link below to shop from the comfort of your own home. Pacakges will be delivered to FOFC.



At Thanksgiving we collect DVDs, popcorn, and beverages to distribute to the residential treatment centers for a movie weekend. This enables the children to have a holiday weekend that is a little more festive and special. One home commented, "Thanksgiving is not necessarily a child's holiday. So having this program is a way of creating a tradition and structure that is focused on the children. It is particularly important for the children who do not have family that they can visit."

School Supplies

In July through September we have a school supply drive and this past year we distributed over 20,000 items to six residential treatment centers. One of the facilities stated that the, "School supply program is a very valuable program and the children are very appreciative."


BINGO is played monthly at Hathaway-Sycamores as a reward for good behavior by the boys. We provide prizes and special refreshments to make it a fun night. We play along with the boys and all have a fun time. The facility says, "The boys really enjoy BINGO and are happy when it is BINGO night."

Beach Towels

We make sure each child has their own beach towel and bottle of sunscreen for outings to the pool, beach, and waterpark. With the help of National Charity League (NCL) Pasadena, we collect, sort, and deliver 400 towels and bottles of sunscreen annually.

Halloween Candy

Most foster children living in residential treatment centers can't go trick-or-treating. We collect Halloween candy and some healthy treats for them. We then sort and deliver these goodies to the facilities.

My First Apartment

As part of the Emancipation Program, FOFC assists 15 newly-emanicpated foster youth annually by supplying them with household items including appliances, bedding, cleaning supplies, paper goods, etc. These items are either donated by FOFC members or puchased from grants and donations.